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Don’t be a dud!
Let this dude help you be a dad!

At Dad to Dudla we focus on advocating, educating, empowering, and supporting from a dad’s perspective.

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Hi, I'm Juan!! Charlotte's & Alabama's #1 male dudla!!  I’m a birth and postpartum dudla and new parent educator. But most of all, I’m a DAD!

We teach dads things like how to swaddle, soothe, clean and nurture babies in a dad friendly environment. 

As a man who didn’t grow up changing diapers or baby sitting, Juan taught me how to properly care for my daughter. 

Terrance G. (Huntsville, AL)

What Parents Say

I found Juan on IG because I was having an issue with a male client. After speaking with Juan and explaining what was going on, he provided me with such great insight. I followed up two weeks later and sung praises about how the client did a whole 180. Thank you Juan!!!

Jessica M. (Miami, FL)

My daughter hired Juan and I was like a man doing what?! But he was kind very helpful and the salmon he made was so good. I wish I knew about this when I was pregnant.

Lorraine F. (Concord, NC)

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